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Our Savannah cat breeding program is built upon the belief that quality should never be compromised for any reason. Our foundation breeding cats came from some of the most recognizable and reputable Savannah catteries in the United States that have been working with the development of the Savannah breed since its infancy. We are very fortunate and grateful to have the benefit of working closely with our mentors, and continue to learn from their wisdom and experience on an ongoing basis.

All of our Savannah breeding cats must have three essential main qualities to be considered for contributing to our breeding program:

  1. All of our breeding cats are DNA tested for Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PK Deficiency) and only cats that are non-affected and non-carriers of PK Deficiency are bred. (Please see our Savannah Cat Information page for more information.) Additionally, only cats that are relatively problem-free with healthy immune systems, good cardiac health, and are in optimum physical condition, are considered for breeding.
  2. Desirable breed type. All of our breeding cats must be excellent examples of the breed, all the way from early generation foundation Savannah cats (F1-F3) to SBT (F4 and beyond). We selectively breed our foundation stock to preserve as much of the desirable African Serval qualities as possible to in turn be handed down to the next generation, with the goal being to be able to produce SBT generations that maintain the hallmark traits, such as clear and bold spots, large ears, etc., basically all the things that make the Savannah cat recognizable as a Savannah.
  3. We do not use cats in our breeding program that can’t be handled on a regular basis due to being overly aggressive or extremely fearful of human contact. Some degree of reserve is to be expected in adult cats, as not all cats will immediately take a liking to all humans, and some cats are particularly selective with whom they will share affection with and will be very loving and affectionate toward some people and totally avoid contact with others. This is true of all domestic cats regardless of what breed (or mix of breeds) they may be. Since the vast majority of people who are looking to purchase a cat are looking for a companion that will willingly interact with them, it’s important to select cats with the best human-social dispositions as possible so that this trait is passed on to their offspring. While we believe that a lot of handling of kittens from an early age is largely what shapes their social attitude and tolerance to human contact, we can’t overlook the fact that there is also some genetic component involved.

Our Savannah kittens are handled as soon after birth as possible to imprint them to human bonding. We begin early neurological stimulation of each kitten at about 3 days old and continue daily human interaction and handling while they are in the nursery box. When they are old enough to want to play and physically developed enough to start exploring on their own, they are moved to the main area of our home where they get used to all the sounds and smells of a typical human household so that they won’t be overwhelmed by going suddenly from a quiet environment to a normal, busy household when they leave and go to their new home. Our Savannah kittens are given lots of toys and cat furniture, boxes and crinkly tunnels to explore and play with. We play with them and cuddle with them so that they are as well socialized as humanly possible by the time they are ready to go to their new homes. We do not raise our kittens in cages.

All of our Savannah kittens are thoroughly examined, microchipped, and vaccinated as appropriate for their age by our vet. They have received deworming medication according to the recommendations of our vet and the CDC. They also have a FeLv/FIV and fecal parasite test done, with the results for both being negative, before they are released to their new homes. They are free of external parasites as we maintain all of our animals on a safe flea prevention product as recommended by our vet. We generally release our kittens at 12 weeks of age.

All of our Savannah kittens come with TICA registration paperwork and microchip registration paperwork (both require a one-time fee to register that are not included in the purchase price of the kitten) and our own unique Kitten Welcome Kit, as well as lifetime support should you have questions or concerns about your cat for the entire lifetime of your cat. All kitten buyers are required to sign a legally binding Purchase Agreement that states that all kittens are sold as household companions and designated as NOT FOR BREEDING on their TICA registration papers. They are required to be spayed/neutered within a specified time frame and proof of such is to be mailed to us so that we can file it with the original contract. The contract also contains a written health guarantee and a section stating that if the buyer is unable to keep the kitten for any reason, it is to be returned to us regardless of age or circumstance. This is to protect our babies from ending up being shuffled from home to home because many people don’t understand the nature or needs of this unique breed. We also do not want our cats surrendered to rescue programs or animal shelters where they may end up being euthanized. We take our responsibility to the animals we choose to bring into this world very seriously and so we either find them wonderful forever homes or they live out their lives with us.

Select Savannah kittens may be purchased as breeders to reputable and knowledgeable individuals.

Since our focus is on quality and not quantity, we do not have kittens available all the time. The health and well being of our cats is more important than producing kittens, and so we don’t continuously breed our females just to produce enough kittens to satisfy the demand. They are bred at the intervals recommended by top veterinary reproduction specialists to ensure that they remain healthy, and are evaluated regularly by our vet to make sure they are in the best health and condition to maintain a healthy pregnancy and give birth to strong, vigorous kittens that thrive with an attentive mother’s care.

We do accept pre-birth deposits to be placed on our kitten reservation list, and those who have placed a deposit are given their choice of a Savannah kitten in the order in which their deposit was received, according to their specific generation (F2 or F4) specification and gender request. If no specific gender if preferred, then the depositor may choose a kitten of either gender according to where they fall in order on the reservation list and what kittens are available. Clients who place pre-birth deposits are given preference over buyers who contact us after a litter has been born. If the depositor declines to choose a Savannah kitten from the first litter that has kittens available to them because they do not see exactly what they want in that litter, they may hold the deposit over to the next litter and be able to choose from that litter instead. Deposits, whether made pre-birth or post-birth, are not refundable if the depositor changes his/her mind and decides to purchase a kitten elsewhere or not at all. The only circumstance in which a deposit will be refunded is if we are unable to offer the depositor the specific color or sex of kitten that the depositor has specified, within 1 year of the time the deposit was placed.

Savannah kittens are priced according to what generation the kitten is (F2, F3, F4, SBT, etc.) and according to the individual quality of each kitten. We are not the most expensive breeder you will find, nor are we the least expensive breeder you will find. We don’t believe in cutting corners to save money just to increase our profit margin. Properly maintaining our cats by providing top-notch veterinary care, feeding the best possible diet, and providing enriching environments for our cats comes with a substantial price tag. The labor and time involved in the daily caring for cats and the degree of difficulty that often comes with breeding and raising a litter of hybrid kittens that may require several weeks of round-the-clock care and expensive equipment in order to survive (and not to mention the emotional investment made in each and every baby born here), generally is never really compensated for in the price of a kitten.

There are very few things in life that can compare to experiencing the joy of sharing your life with one of these uniquely beautiful and amazing cats.

Zafarii…brings you the living beauty of Africa right into your own home. Let the adventure begin!

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