Savannah Female “Zhara” ~ Drinkwater Zhara of Zafarii

 Sire: Timbuck Two of Drinkwater (African Serval)   Dam: Exoticleopard Cha Cha Cha


Thank you to Doreen Boileau of Drinkwater Cats for this amazing girl.

Zhara is an F1 Savannah cat with bold serval markings, and although she is only 50% serval, she definitely takes more after her father’s side in her physical characteristics and in her boldness, intelligence, and her precise agility and grace.

F1 Savannah Female ZharaF1 Savannah Cat - Female ZharaF1 Savannah Cat - Drinkwater Zhara of Zafarii

Zhara is a momma’s girl; wherever her human mom is, Zhara is not far behind. She is very affectionate and nurturing and has a wonderful disposition. Her talents are walking on a leash, jumping onto absolutely anything in the house regardless of height, stealing/hoarding toys (she is especially fond of large dog toys), and playing in the kitchen sink when filled with forgotten dish water.

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